The residents and employees of our properties are the most import part of Millennial Towers.  As such, we are doing all we can to keep each property safe and comfortable during this world wide Covid-19 pandemic.  Following are steps we are taking and steps you will need to take to protect yourself and everyone at our properties so we can all have as safe and enjoyable of school year as possible in these times.

Notification: There will be positive Covid-19 cases at our property, many that management is unaware of and some that we are informed about.    Please treat all common spaces as if there are active cases present at all times.  Due to medical record privacy protection laws, we will be unable to release specific information about active cases on the property.

Masks: A reusable mask was given to each resident at move in.  Masks are required in all common areas of the building.  Please follow all health department recommendations posted throughout the building.

Everyday Prevention: Please follow all CDC Guidelines to protect yourself and others.

Symptoms:  Please be aware of the signs and symptoms of the Covid virus.
Should you or your roommates test positive for the virus, come in contact with someone who has tested positive, or have any of the symptoms of the virus, please self quarantine and isolate as directed by the CDC.

Shared Living Guidelines: Please follow the CDC guidelines for living in shared housing during this time.

What we are doing: 
-We will be frequently sanitizing and cleaning the common areas, laundry, elevators, and amenities of each property.
-We will be providing hand sanitizer stations in the elevators and other common areas.
-We will provide each resident a reusable mask and hand sanitizer at move in.
-We will NOT be providing any cleaning supplies for individual apartments. Please be prepared with those essentials.
-We will not be issuing refunds or discounts to rent if you or someone in your apartment contracts Covid-19.
-We takes a lot of pride in the cleanliness of our apartments. We will be making extra efforts to make sure apartments are sanitized and clean before your arrival. To help our tenants maintain a cleaner atmosphere, we will be conducting cleaning checks more often this year.
-We want to keep our amenities open all school year. We will need your help to do this. There will be notices posted at each amenity outlining the rules that need to be followed to keep our amenities open. If these rules are not followed, we may have to close some of our amenities.

We look forward to working with you during this time to protect all residents and employees of Millennial Towers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Millennial Towers Management